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Give a Family a Gift of Light for $150!

The Need

You are a parent living with your children and maybe an elderly relative. When the sun goes down, you light candles or kerosene lamps so you can see to prepare and eat the evening meal. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

It might be so if it were not for the fact that the weak light makes cooking and eating difficult, particularly when you have to do this every night of your lives. But more importantly, the light sources are pollution-generators. They give off dangerous soot and other burning by-products that can have a serious effect on health with prolonged exposure. Furthermore, there is always a fire hazard with open flames.

The Solution

When the sun goes down, a switch is thrown. Suddenly, the room is filled with bright, non-polluting light from a high-efficiency LED fixture powered by electricity from a battery. Even better, that electricity did not come from a transmission line connected to an energy-consuming, polluting power plant located hundreds of miles away. It came from sunlight shining on the building’s rooftop.

For a donation of $150, you can provide a family with a lifetime of bright light for:

     - meal preparation and eating
     - reading, writing and studying
     - cleaning and washing
     - infant and elder care

Electricity from the Sun

Solar panels are devices that convert free light from the sun into electricity. By storing that electricity in a battery while the sun is shining, electrical power will be available after sundown.

While proving bright lighting is the primary use, that is not all that a solar panel installation can do. The battery power can also be used to recharge life-altering devices that depend on electricity, such as: cell phones laptop computers and tablets

Where Donations are Going

Millions of households around the world need electricity. Non-polluting solar power is the ideal solution to the problem. The question then becomes, of those needy millions, whom should receive funding from caring donors?

The H.O.G. Heaven Foundation believes it is paramount that donor funds be used as intended and that no portion be diverted to “facilitators” en route to the end user. Furthermore, to be effective, there must be a fabrication and installation infrastructure in place where the funds will be used.

Currently, solar panel donations are going to a country that meets the criteria of need and the capability to turn donations into installations. That country is Nepal.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world with 60% of its rural households having no access to electricity. As explained on the Accomplishments web page, the Foundation has had great success in working with the Nepalese to electrify their households and schools.

Tracking Donations

The H.O.G. Foundation feels very strongly that donors deserve to know how their generosity was put to use to help humanity. Therefore, we take the following three steps to thank you:

1. Completion emails — as each major step in the process from donation to end use is completed, you will receive an email reporting on the status of your specific donation.

2. Identification of your donation — a small plaque similar to that shown below will be attached to the solar panel you donated, identifying the source of the donation. You will select the wording to be used during the donation procedure.

3. Photograph — Whenever available, the Foundation will attempt to email you a photograph of your donation being put to use.


Please understand that the privacy of both our donors and the recipients must be respected. Therefore, the Foundation will not reveal any donor-provided information to 3rd parties and cannot reveal any personal information about the recipients of the donations.

Give a family, a school, or a village the gift of light.

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