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Aid Nepal Earthquake Victims!

HOG Heaven is Dedicated To Helping Nepalese in Need.

It is with an extremely heavy heart that we send our love and deepest respect to those families in Nepal who have lost loved ones in the recent quakes.

Over 8,000 souls have passed leaving behind parents, children and a great deal of grief. There have in fact been over 140 aftershocks/earthquakes since the first earthquake on 25th April and still they continue. The people are stretched beyond comprehension.

Homeless with no food, exhausted beyond comprehension and living in fear of what will happen next. To make matters even worse the monsoon season is upon them and the looming reality of landslides.

Firstly, WE ASK FOR YOUR PRAYERS - Please read aloud:

"My darling Mother, how honored we are to live on your planet & so privileged to indulge in your abundance. We ask on behalf of our dearest friends & family in Nepal, can you please stay calm, they have been through a lot & need no daily reminders of your power & strength. May the sun bring them new energy every day, may the moon softly restore their faith by night, may the rains just wait a little until their shelters have been built before you kindly nourish their crops, may their loved ones feel safe & at peace in their hearts. We know it is not our words, but our collective actions which will restore you to your full glory. We ask you to help us join together as one tribe across all races & religions to be, live, speak & share only love. May our interactions with each other have qualities of love, gratitude, compassion, patience, humility, kindness & caring. As to travel forward with you in peace, there is only room for love. It is with love I offer your this prayer, in the name of all that is sacred & holy, so let it be. Namaste." Written by Susie Hutchison


We are blessed to have so many wonderful people on the ground in Nepal who are Helping Others to Grow, to Survive, to Rebuild their lives. HOG Heaven will be supporting the construction process with the provision of Tool Kits to be distributed between the villages - which will enable the 'tearing down & the rebuilding' of homes.

A Tool Kit costs only $57 - (Shovel, Tape, Pick, Hammer, Tin Snips, Pliers, Gloves, Bosilo and a Saw)

Temporary Transitional Shelters will be constructed from any leftover materials from the broken houses and we will do our best to assist with buying whatever materials are required.

$170 - For a Full Roof (12 sheets of Corrugated Iron, Plastic, Nails & Binding Wire)


We pray for Mother Nature to curb her power and allow the people of Nepal to start the long rebuilding process in peace.

We encourage our friends and the extended world communities to give their support.

Donate any amount one time,
indicate desired usage during checkout process.

New Shelter Roof  $170 USD
Building Tool Set $57 USD

You may also assist those in need by donating for the replacement of livestock.

One Chicken $25 USD
One Goat $200 USD
One Cow $700 USD
One Buffalo $1,200 USD