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Educating Children

Bringing Education to Children and Orphans ...

The HOG Heaven Foundation is passionate about children receiving the opportunity to an education and with this in mind - we together - arrange sponsorship for those who wish to support a child's future - 100% of School Sponsorship goes directly towards the child's education.

Nepal has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world of only 55% - and her children are desperately in need of outside support. Due to the mountainous terrain, remote villages, and the Governments focus on the National infrastructure, a majority of Nepal’s children are left to fend for themselves.

HOG Heaven Foundation is pleased to supply Educational Materials (paper, text books, pencils etc.) as well as Sport and Art Equipment to many of the remote schools - so the children may have an opportunity to experience the rare gift of expression.

In the photo gallery you will see the construction of The Sapana Dreaming Children’s Home which began in 1999 and whose Patron is Joanna Giles (CEO of H.O.G Heaven). This Home is for children who have been orphaned - mainly by land slides or civil war. The World Youth International School is next door where the children from Sapana Home and the neighboring village attend. Sapana means Dreams in Nepalese and the Home is considered to be a place where Dreams can come true.

We continue to promote sponsorship of a child to attend school or an orphan to be loved and through the generosity of our supporters to those who have little.

It is only $360 per year to educate a child = $6.92 per week or $1700 to Sponsor and Orphans Life and Education for a year. How does it get better than this?

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