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Board Members

Joanna Giles - CEO, President, Founder

USA Board Members
William Newman - Secretary
Lori Reinhold - Treasurer
Nancy Jenkins - Operations
Paulette Ezell - Board Member
Maggie Hall - Board Member
Morgan Richmond - Digital Communications

Australian Board Members
Jillian du Bois - Australia Sponsorship Rep.
Lesley Hazelwood - Nepal Field Coordinator

Rowena Brown - Supporter
Justin McCarthy - Supporter
Paul Williams - Supporter

HOG Heaven Foundation
Joanna Giles
Address:  PO Box 4456, Sedona, AZ 86340  USA
Telephone: +928-202-5057

E-mail:  joanna @


H.O.G. has facilitated more than 111 cleft lip palate operations to date, installed over 20 Large Solar Panels for remote mountain area schools in Nepal, and installed 75 Solar Panels for homes with no electricity in Phoolbari village. We have donated many items of necessity, as well as comfort, to those who have little. The children are experiencing their first exposure to light bulbs in areas that are so remote they may never have had electricity.

We have purchased art supplies such as paper, paints, brushes, and water balloons for many schools including the Sapana Dreaming Children's Home, where Joanna is the patron. In Sri Lanka, we visited a home for sexually abused girls, ages 11-18, and supplied them with sewing equipment and other necessities for their new home.

We distributed money to Sri Lanka for the devastating Tsunami for medical supplies and supplied reading glasses for 50 children. We visited an orphanage in Sri Lanka which housed 70 very under-nourished children, including 20 babies. Many of these children are no longer with us.

Money was sent to Bangladesh for the purchase of land for a safe house for women and children.

In Kenya we purchased and supplied mosquito nets with funds from the sale of Blessing Bags. These are beautiful bags which are only $10 USD.

H.O.G. continues to promote sponsorship of children to attend school or an orphan to be loved through the generosity of our supporters. Annually, Joanna visits the Sapana Dreaming Children’s Home and has noted the many positive changes over the 10 years since the home was built. Each year Joanna visits man  locations and projects witnessing first hand the difference that is being made in brightening the lives of others and indeed 'Helping Others Grow'.

Hog Heaven also supports $2,500 USD in Kiva Loans around the world.

About Us

Our priority is to HELP OTHERS GROW (H.O.G.)

by providing support to encourage, educate, enhance living standards and create a brightness of future for children and families throughout the world.  HOG Heaven is a non-religious, non-profit and non-political foundation.  We give 100% of your Donations to fund our on-going project which effects real change on the lives of real people who too want to make a difference by learning and in turn be able to give back to their community.

USA - HOG Heaven Foundation is a U.S. Government official 501c3 status nonprofit organization.

Donations are made through Paypal which provides complete payment security using any major credit card or PayPal account.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to use this service.